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This characterful pen drawing immediately hit the right note with us. Wisdom comes with age .. and how breathtakingly beautiful that message is captured here. A wonderful addition to our home!






After following Daphne for a while on social media, and being drawn into her work i found out she was selling some of her original pencil drawings. i decided to buy one. After going back and forth between two i went for the lips. it has found its way onto my art wall. and i love it. a great artist and person.


Kind regards Mark 

From the first moment I got in contact with Daphne and her art, I knew I wanted to own a piece for myself someday. I absolutely love the colors, techniques and themes of her work.

I recently moved into my first home and that’s the moment I bought “Blue Kiss”.

I love the fact that you can hang this painting both horizontally and vertically.

They say you never forget the first painting you’ve bought and I couldn’t agree more. T

he painting is the first thing people notice walking into my house and the positive reactions are incredible.

Daphne, you have an unique talent, keep doing what you do best!


Love, Nicky


In the last couple years, I have found a new passion in exploring the world of art. In trying to learn new things about painting, I have been going through Instagram to learn about the amazing creativity out there in the world, which is where I found Daphne. I fell in love with her piece, Hold On and could not get it out of my head. The detail, the colors, the seduction of this piece had me hooked and I had to have it. I am drawn to sexy pieces, and enjoy her other seductive pieces as well, but this was my favorite. I live in Washington State in the United States so a lot of work went into coordinating its arrival. But, Daphne was in constant contact with me every step of the way. I am overjoyed with it hanging in my home and I know it will bring me happiness for a lifetime! Daphne is an incredible artist and will go far with this talent. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your future work


Taylor Grew

When I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend, I had to search a long time to find something unique for her. Because I knew Daphne through a good friend, I asked her if she was interested in making a painting. Together we have chosen a photo and furthermore I have given her full freedom because it is her field.


The end result is amazing! It is many times more beautiful than what I had in mind. It is even more important than my girlfriend loves it and is completely happy with it. A wonderful gift made by an amazing painter.

 Thank you!!


Kyle & Demi


Nice to have come in contact with you via catawiki. Intrigued by the image, I started bidding on a photo of your painting and eventually won the auction. Only ... then we just had to wait and see how the canvas actually worked out. So totally super !!

I'm very happy with it and when you finish some work let me know!

Am a fan of you right now ;-)


Good luck, warm regards and who knows, see you soon !!!



While buying our first house, I was already watching your instagram page. I absolutely loved your art. The painting that my friend and I finally bought had been painted a few times before. When the last version of the painting was made, I was completely in love. This was clearly the very best. I had looked at many sites but nothing came close to this painting. Even though our house wasn't even finished yet and I absolutely didn't know where to hang it, I had to have it. After a trip to Breda with my boyfriend he also fell in love. IN REAL T PAINTING WAS EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL !!! Dear Daphne, we receive so many compliments every day about our painting and we are still so very happy with it! Forever in a beautiful place in our house!


Thank you.


Nouschka van Geloven.

I have known Daphne for a number of years and by working with her I know that she has an eye for detail just like me (photographer).

When she told me a few years ago that she would start the art academy, I was surprised on the one hand and on the other I thought, why not.

After a while she surprised me with a self-portrait, I was surprised and words fell short. I thought wow, what is this good, it looked like an enlarged photo.

I follow her closely through her social media and keep an eye on all new developments.

Until I came across "my" Will Smith. I grew up with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, so when I saw that painting on her instagram I was immediately in love, I just had to have it!

Now they both hang side by side in my stairwell and I come across them a few times every day.

I proudly tell clients and friends about her work. Who doesn't want a Daphne Writer painting hanging in his house.


Siciliani Texel

Thank you for the beautiful painting!
I saw your painting at Catawiki and always had to look at it. What an intriguing man, beautifully painted in only the color brown.
My husband and children also liked it, so I (for the first time) bid and bought through Catawiki.
It was still exciting whether it would be beautiful in real life and luckily it is. We are all happy with it and it gets a nice place in our room.
Daphne still very successful in making this beautiful art.
Harriët van den Boomen