My name is Daphne Schrijver, I make paintings from my studio in Breda.

 Would you like to look at my work in real life , you are very welcome in my studio. Make an appointment via the contact page and I will see you soon! 

Love Daphne


All my paintings are for sale! When you have seen something beautiful you can order it in the webshop. You can also contact me via telephone, email or this website. First come to see if a few weeks trial is of course always possible (Benelux).


Afraid that you will get tired of the painting, do you think it is too large an investment or do you just like to alternate nicely? Then renting is the solution! In this way you get art for a smaller, fixed amount per month, canceling / changing is allowed whenever you want.




You know that feeling of being completely taken away by something? That time stands still, you do not feel that you are tired or hungry, you are only and completely in that moment... I think that's when you're happiest!


Are you taken by this painting? 


Material: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 140x100 cm

€ 2800


In the process of creating a painting, I often make a sketch beforehand to see if my idea actually works. I now offer these sketches for sale, original and in print!

* Limited edition of up to 25 pieces

* Each print is printed on beautiful thick paper and remains beautiful for a lifetime

* If you order you print framed I will pack it with great care so that it arrives gift ready

* There is one lucky person who can buy the original drawing

* Worldwide free shipping

* Delivered in 1-2 days 

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I thought it was time to offer something else besides my paintings.

Something that does not immediately take up an entire wall of your house and something that is affordable for everyone.

In addition to my sketches and prints, I came up with something new: transparent paintings in a wooden frame.


* Shipping costs are included (worldwide).

* Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

* I pack your painting with great care so  it arrives gift ready.

* Each piece is unique and ofcourse signed by me.

* Only 1 available of the color and size, so decide quickly! ;)


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Water is a subject that interests me immensely. It has so many different forms and shapes that can evoke many different emotions. Think warm-cold, hard-soft, cloudy-clear, floating-drowning, relaxing-panic etc. Besides that it is a very thankfull subject to paint because of all the reflections en details. I love it and I hope you do too!


Every painting is for sale and can be shipped world wide.



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I like to work with a lot of color, hands and characteristic faces when I draw or paint a portrait. Because of my past as a make-up artist, I have a good aptitude for shaping faces and I can translate someone's face into a lot of similarity to the canvas.

This requires a lot of time and concentration so I don't work with live models but with photos as a reference.


Every painting is for sale and can be shipped world wide.


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This category consists of seductive paintings that you can hang in the bedroom but for those who have the guts in the living room or even the office!

The paintings are intense, colorful and have my characteristic: evoking opposite emotions.


Every painting is for sale and can be shipped world wide.

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I just started abstract painting. Previously I was not open to this at all. My attitude towards this style has changed completely because I understand better when a painting is really good: that is not necessarily in the perfect and detailed representation of a subject, but rather in conveying a feeling. With abstract work you bring that feeling without the support of a recognizable form. If it is a good painting, you will continue to look and determine the subject and the value yourself.


Every painting is for sale and can be shipped world wide.

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