You have probably already seen it on Instagram or at a housing program. A wall with photos, posters, prints and/or works of art that hang together very casually. It looks spontaneously nailed, but of course it never is... Here I explain how you can best approach a gallery wall.



Perhaps a superfluous tip, but choose a wall that receives enough light. All your hard work should of course take a little (spot)light and come out at its best.

In addition, I am a supporter of color! A frame looks much better on a colored wall.

Have you ever seen a museum with white walls?


You can compose your gallerywall based on a theme. I personally think the most important thing is that it becomes your own and personal gallerywall. So choose all works/photos that you like. If you only choose what you like, you create your own style and it automatically becomes a whole. Don't think too much, just trust your gut!

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Now comes the fun part: determining the composition. Put your old newspapers on the floor. Arrange your selected works on the floor as you would like to hang on the wall. Trace the lists onto the newspaper. Make a mark where the nails for the moldings should go.


Then hang the newspapers against the wall. Drive the nails into the places you just determined. Pull out the papers and voila, there's the skeleton for your gallery wall!

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©Andrea de Groot,


The disadvantage of a single nail is that a frame quickly hangs skewed. You can use the level and Pritt Posterbuddies for this. Stick a buddy between the wall and the two bottom corners of the frame. Hang the frame straight using the level. Press the frame and the buddy ensures that it stays in place. Voilà!


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