I thought it was time to offer something else besides my paintings.
Something that does not immediately take up an entire wall of your house and something that is affordable for everyone.
In the process of creating a painting, I often make a sketch beforehand to see if my idea actually works. I now offer these sketches for sale, original and in print!


* The prints are sold in a limited edition of up to 25 pieces. Your print will of course be numbered and signed by me.

* Each print is printed on beautiful thick paper and remains beautiful for a lifetime.

* If you order you print framed I will pack it with great care so that it arrives gift ready.

* There is one lucky person who can buy the original drawing.

* All shipping costs are included (worldwide).

Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

Eclectic Love

 The original painting is called Eclectic Love because of the color and manner of painting. In this drawing there is not eclectic... 

I think this drawing radiates more of a serene calm. Perhaps that is precisely why the circle is closed again. This drawing does not match the original painting in terms of feeling, but in terms of subject. By depicting the same subject in such a different way, it actually reinforces each other.

Just like in love, two very different people can have a fantastic relationship because they complement each other!


Do you attract opposites?

€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions

In Your Arms

 The original painting can come across as rough and perhaps even unloving. I prefer to see it as the complete opposite: warm, colorful, not wanting to let go of each other and passionate love! 


Is this the kind of love you want? 


€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions

The Lick

With the original painting you actually have to step back a bit to see exactly what it is. With this smaller drawing you quickly realize that. Lips with a tongue licking! It makes me hungry!


What about your appetite?


€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions


 I was thinking what the model was thinking when I thought to myself that we already think too much. Are you still following me? ;)

If we all dream a little more about our future plans, dreams and possibilities, much more is possible than you first thought. 


Are you a dreamer?


€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions


 How much pleasure do we get from everything we taste or touch with our lips? Super fresh fruit or a wonderfull kiss?

The original painting reminded me of that and ofcoure I had to make a drawing of it. I hope you get the same feeling when you see this drawing. 


Maybe it is something for in your kitchen or even your bedroom? ;) 


€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions

Wisdom comes with age

Wisdom comes with age and that's exactly what you see in this eye.


Do you want this wise man to keep an eye on you?



€ 25,00

  • Limited edtions