I just started abstract painting. Previously I was not open to this at all. My attitude towards this style has changed completely because I understand better when a painting is really good: that is not necessarily in the perfect and detailed representation of a subject, but rather in conveying a feeling. With abstract work you bring that feeling without the support of a recognizable form. If it is a good painting, you will continue to look and determine the subject and the value yourself.

Prime Panic

This is the first abstract painting that I made and I am super excited about it. The mix of soft and bright colors, thick and thin paint make it an interesting work of art. The color, the tension, mystery and inconsistencies in how people experience it ... it's all there!


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 60x80


Red Love

Big, bald and beautiful is the perfect description for this painting. I love how you can get lost in the different layers of paint, how it draws you in and your imagination gives an interpretation of what you see.


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 100x120


Burning Heart

 In this painting I see a heart that burns. The different colors are all different influences that cause an explosion of energy. This energy fills the space in which this painting can be found. Are you ready?


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 100x80 cm