It is possible to follow a painting course in my studio in Breda. Whether you just want to paint as a hobby or really want to improve your painting technique. I love seeing what we can achieve together!


Would you like to be able to get lost in a hobby?

To be able to put all your thoughts or feelings on a canvas?

Do you want to learn a new language with which you can express all your creativity?

Then you've come to the right place!

In my painting course I teach you the real old craft of painting.

We do this by mastering the classic techniques of the old Dutch masters.


In 10 lessons we cover different topics such as drawing, color values, mixing colors, underpainting, composition etc.

After this course you will know how to set up a painting independently.


I teach a maximum of 3 students at the same time for maximum guidance!


You do not need any experience to take the course!

Everybody can learn to paint. 


New classes will start in November

  • Time: 19.00-21.30
  • Place: my studio, Heuvelbrink 41 Breda
  • Days: Wednesday evening
  • Costs:  10 lessons for €400 and a material package of €75 
  • (12 brushes & Corbra paint starter package).
Atelier Breda


Do you already know how to work with oil paint, but would you still like to have some guidance when painting?


You often see when people paint at home that they get stuck and then put a work away for a long time. I can help you really work towards the end of a painting. Together we look for painting solutions that make it work.


It is also possible to delve into topics a little more. Would you like to learn more about portrait painting? Painting movement or painting abstractly? It's all possible.


We will discuss your wishes beforehand and get to work!


You can come week after week but it is also possible to have a little more time between lessons. This depends on your needs. 

  • Time: 19-00 - 21.30
  • Days:  wednesdayevening
  • Costs: a stripcard of 5 lessons for €200

Please contact me to discuss if there are any openings.