"I make art because I am in love with the process and of course having an end result that lasts and is there for other people beside myself to enjoy.

The process of finding an image that speaks to me, drawing it big on a canvas and giving it my signature look with paint and colors is super satisfying.

You can see a clear line of the subjects I choose for my paintings. They are mysterious, about love, blown up and draw attention to a particular part of the painting.

That also refers to what I like so much in the art of painting, the artist is the one who decides what you look at in the painting. The artist is the one who decides what is important and what the painting has to say.

De paintings techniques I use to transfer my message are very different. That has to do with the fact I am a very young artist and am in the process of developing my own style. I see that as a beautiful thing. The older you get, the more you learn, especially about yourself. You get to know who you are and get to be more specific. At this point in my life my focus is very wide and that is the explanation for me wanting to try a lot of different styles.