My name is Daphne Schrijver born on October 1, 1989. I have always been interested in creative professions but since 2015 I know how to best shape this and where my talent really lies, painting.


I make paintings, preferably very large and with a lot of color. I am good at translating emotion through form and color and I dare to say for sure that the emotion is splattered off the screen. Emotion in my work is very important to me because I want my paintings to be real eye-catchers!


In my studio in Breda, where everyone is always welcome for coffee / wine and a sneak peek.



Subconsciously I always choose topics that can be understood in different ways. The reactions that I get are super varied and give me new insights on how to conceive an image, color, expression, etc.


These insights and that you just have something super beautiful to hang on the wall make me want to paint all day every day!